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Free Trade Ireland

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Comhshaol, Oidhreacht agus Rialtas Áitiúil
Environment, Heritage and Local Government

Don't rubbish it, reuse it

FreeTrade Ireland is a web service designed to facilitate and encourage the reuse of household and business items.

The service was developed from the Dublin Free Trade application, which has been operating successfully since 2006, and is a free and accessible service for all.

The expansion of the service to a national audience is recognition of its effectiveness to:
" Protect the environment through the reuse of items.
" Reduce costs for users on waste disposal.
" Encourage the better use of household and business resources.
" Extend the lifespan and value of items through reuse.
" Contribute to a more sustaible lifestyle for citizens in Ireland.
" Bring about a change in our behaviour in the management of wastes.

FreeTrade Ireland is a public initiative. The website was set up with funding from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and is funded on an on-going basis by Local Authorities in Ireland.


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