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Exhibition Nov 2014

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Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition

During the first term of this school year the pupils of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes were extremely busy preparing their science exhibits for the Intel Mini Scientist Exhibition. This is a program which allows Primary school students to develop science related projects which are then exhibited at fairs held within their own schools. The program supports the Primary Science curriculum and is a great way to encourage enthusiasm and practical learning in the area of science. The initiative aims to encourage a love of science through an investigative approach to learning.

On Friday evening, November 21st, the pupils presented their projects to other pupils, their parents and to a team of judges from Intel. The pupils, under the guidance of their teachers Mr. Clohesssy, Ms. Fogarty and Ms Clune worked extremely hard and are proud of their efforts.
This year the winning project "
Does The Temperature Effect The Bounce Of A Ball? was prepared and presented by Mark O'Mahony. .
Two teams shared second place and one of those teams was David Kennedy and Conor O’ Grady. Their project was about The Golf Ball. The second team consisted ofKate Fitzgerald and Josette Hogan and their project was about Natural Household Cleaning Products.
Well done to all!

Read an account of the afternoon penned by Josette and Kate.
"It was November 21 when 22 projects from 4 5 and 6 took part in the Intel Mini Scientist exhibition. We set up our display at 11 am. That’s when everyone got really excited. The exhibition took place in Ms. Clunes and Ms. Freeman’s classrooms.
First Ms. O’ Donoghue’s class came in to see our science projects. Next we had our lunch and had a chance to look at other pupil’s projects.
After lunch the judges came. That’s when everyone got nervous. There were five judges. First they took our books away. Then they came back with about four books each and came around to ask us tough questions.
At about 3pm we had to wait anxiously while the judges made their decisions. In the mean time we were talking to the parents who came around. Then at four o’clock the judges came out. Everyone’s legs were like jelly. One of the judges, named Gary, made a quick speech and then announced to everyone who had won.
First he announced that there was a joint second place and one of those teams was David Kennedy and Conor O’ Grady and their project was about The Golf Ball. The other second place was us - Kate Fitzgerald and Josette Hogan’s project about Natural Household Cleaning Products!
The overall winner was Mark O`Mahony and his project was titled “Does The Temperature Effect The Bounce Of A Ball?”
We would like to sincerely thank the judges. We would also like to thank Mr Clohessy , Ms Clune and Ms Freeman for letting us use their classrooms and we would finally like to thank our parents and everyone who came to see the exhibition.

By Josette Hogan and Kate Fitzgerald

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